Caregivers and baby boomers

Caregivers in San Diego County Grow in Number

More Caregivers in San Diego County Needed!

For decades, politicians, public health professionals, and family caregivers in San Diego Countyhave been anticipating an important event: the retirement of the “baby boomers.” Many of those baby boomers currently care for their own aging parents, and as their own retirement age quickly approaches, a significant percentage of them wonder who will care for them in their own need.

Family First

In nearly every culture around the world, the family has traditionally been the primary caregiving force for those that have become unable to care for themselves. It is almost certain that you either care for your own aging parents or know someone who cares for theirs, and that approach works very well: it saves money and helps the entire family maintain a sense of closeness. But at some point, declining mental and physical health often makes it necessary to consider additional options for care.

Professional Caregivers in San Diego County

Fortunately, many enthusiastic young people are entering the new but quickly growing caregiving industry. Caregivers in San Diego County are qualified to help with all the things that create a drain on family members’ time but don’t require a trained medical expert. Health care professionals anticipate that the work of these caregivers will be a critical part of meeting the physical needs of the soon-to-retire baby boomers.

Stay Organized

Sadly, many family caregivers wait until they are at the end of their rope to look into professional caregiving options. There’s no reason to wait until seniors and their families have been stretched too far; hiring a caregiver early on can help everyone stay on top of their responsibilities and retain their sanity! It also reduces the chance that a senior will feel like a burden by seeing family members bend over backward trying to meet all of their growing needs themselves.

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