Geriatric Care Management

Professional Geriatric Care Management Services

Professional Geriatric Care Managers are at the heart of our service. They are professionals educated in social work, nursing, gerontology or related fields and certified as experts in the concerns and needs of the elderly and their families.

Geriatric Care Managers serve as objective professionals who conduct observations, make well-grounded assessments, and advise families in making those sometimes difficult decisions about their older loved ones. 

The traditional geriatric care management services that our geriatric care managers provide include:

  • Crisis management
  • Problem solving
  • Intervention
  • Advocacy
  • Selection and screening of home care providers
  • Choices and acquisition of durable medical equipment
  • Prepare and file long-term care insurance claims
  • Care planning
  • Care management
  • Case management
  • Family assurance visits (wellness checks)
  • Status reports to family, trustees, conservators, fiduciaries

In addition to the above traditional geriatric care management tasks, our professional geriatric care managers also possess unique knowledge and skills to help elderly clients with additional tasks and needs such as:

  • Assistance with a simple computer, network and internet needs
  • Advice about Medicare and other insurance questions
  • Advocacy with recalcitrant insurance company claims departments

What Are These Geriatric Care Management Services Called?

The geriatric care management services that we provide are known under a number of different names, all of which mean the same thing, including these names:

  • Geriatric care management services
  • Care management services
  • Case management services
  • Senior social services
  • Senior psychosocial services
  • Senior Care planning
  • Senior advocate services
  • Geriatric advocate services
  • Senior lifestyle advice
  • Geriatric care planning
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