Personal Attendant near Vista Calcium Supplements

Calcium Concerns for the Personal Attendant near Vista

Each Personal Attendant near Vista Should Know about Recent Calcium Supplement Study

Bone health is a very important concern for senior citizens, as age naturally decreases the body’s efficiency in processing calcium. Many seniors choose to take a calcium supplement to try to ward off osteoporosis and other bone-weakening diseases. While the average personal attendant near Vista has heard for years that these supplements are highly beneficial, recent research suggests that some caution is in order.

Possible Dangers for Men

A new study, which included a wide range of both senior men and women, has shown a fairly definite link between calcium supplements and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Because many elderly men are already at risk of heart attack or stroke, these findings deserve attention. Because those that suffer from osteoporosis—the leading disease that calcium supplements combat—are mostly women, doctors suspect that it may be safer overall for men to avoid the supplements.

Not Always Necessary

Sometimes a doctor prescribes extra calcium in order to fight a specific, known health threat. But one of the results of this study is a warning that it is not advisable to take supplements without having a good reason to do so. The levels of calcium in these supplements are very high, and they can cause an unhealthy lack of balance in the body.

Better Alternatives for the Personal Attendant in San Diego County

Instead of suggesting calcium supplements, most experts agree that it would be a more healthy option for a personal attendant in San Diego County to offer more calcium-rich foods at meal times. Calcium from food absorbs into the body more easily, and combines with other nutrients to form a more balanced diet. More research is needed to understand the connection between calcium supplements and cardiovascular disease in men, but doctors are confident enough in this study’s results to point elderly men away from them and toward natural food sources of calcium.

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